Reasons Why you Should be Split Testing your Email Campains

Reasons Why you Should be Split Testing your Email Campains

The primary role of email marketing is to get direct conversions. As a businessperson or a website owner, you want people to subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product or services. To successfully achieve this, how well you structure your email campaigns will determine whether you will get a new client or make a previous one to come back for your services.

Split testing your email campaigns, usually referred to as A/B split testing is one great way to test two ways which you can use to advertise. For instance, you may want to know if including an image in your campaign or just using text only will have a significant impact on conversion rates. You pick a sample from your email list. To one block, you include the image, and to the other, you use text only. From this, you will get to understand which method works best you.

Therefore, where are the reasons why you should be split testing your email campaigns?

1. You get to know your audience

Different niches and industries work differently. The audience also varies. You want them to click through and ultimately make the sale right?  Therefore, it is good to understand what each audience would prefer to what they would not like. Know what will capture the reader’s attention and what would not since every audience has specific needs.

2. To know which campaign is more effective

Remember you want your audience to remain ‘attached’ to you. Running two email campaigns at the same time, you get to know which campaigns has more conversions rates to the other.

3. To know which tone to use in your campaigns

Let’s say you click on your inbox to check mail. You come across an email in which they have included your personal name in their headline. Doesn’t it make you feel special? You will end up clicking through to see what is in the email. Understanding which tone to use can determine if you are going to land that sale or not. Also, you will get to know which point the call to action button is best positioned.

4. You want to know how many times should I send the emails and how frequent

How frequent you send the emails can determine how many conversions you get at the end. If your audience finds that you send your emails too many times, this might annoy them, and you end up getting spammed. So know how many times you should send those emails to your list. Choose which works best.Also, determine what time works best. Know which time most people would not mind spending their time to read their emails. For example, sending an email in the evening might be appropriate for your audience since that is when most people take their time to check their emails.

Final Thoughts

Split testing can take some considerable amount of time to get the results that you need. Be patient. Use the empirical data from your results hence boosting your conversion rates.