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The Right Social Media Platform to Promote B2B Sales

The Right Social Media Platform to Promote B2B Sales

Are you a B2B marketer? Well, you must concur with me that with the high number of platforms available for promotion of B2B sales, confusion on which one to pick is bound to set in. To get most bangs for your buck, you need to create a solid presence on specific B2B marketing platforms. With social media classified as the #1 B2B marketing avenues, the idea is to get a deep and extensive presence on specific social media networks and not some shallow presence on all networks. Flexing muscles and delving into serious marketing on a few social media platforms is critical for promoting B2B sales rather than attempting to get a presence on all networks without making any impact. Let’s look the right social media to promote B2B sales.

1. LinkedIn:

With well over 260 million users in over 200 countries and an ability to support over 20 languages, this is definitely the best social media network to promote B2B sales. With numerous features all aimed at creating awareness, advertising your product and increasing sales, it is simply the most ideal place for promotion of B2B sales.

2. Google +:

With over 540 million users, i.e. active users, you can never underestimate the power of Google+ in promoting B2B sales. Offering a business page creation option, you can promote your sales and get more clients coming your way easily and fast. And yes, this in turn translates to increased income.  Google+ and Google My Business are pretty much required if you want to rank in the search engines.  Everybody searches Google, if you want your clients to find you you need to be there.

3. Twitter:

Providing access to over 500 million users, twitter is certainly an awesome social media network for promoting B2B sales. Providing no filters, you can periodically write tweets and promote your business to your desired clientele. And yes, offering an option for searching of a mention of your business on any tweet, it is possible to respond to any comment made concerning your product. This way, you can create more awareness and increase sales.

4. Facebook:

In the recent days, Facebook has had more and more users joining making it quite effective for promotion of B2B sales. Offering platforms like facebook live and page creation, it is possible for one to give information about their business to prospective clients at any time. Giving an opportunity for one to create a link between them and their clients, Facebook offers a great avenue for increasing B2B sales.  Here is how to use Facebook to promote your brand.

5. YouTube:

This is yet another social media avenue that has proven quite invaluable in promotion of B2B sales. Offering an opportunity for one to upload videos to promote their products, it is an awesome venue for creating awareness and increasing sales.

In a jiffy, building a strong foundation on a few social media networks is critical for promoting B2B sales as opposed to making a casual presence on all networks. Focusing on a few and making an impact on them is the trick.